First Meeting a Success

I could not have been happier with the outcome of our first meeting.  Although we didn’t really promote the initial meeting, we had a very respectable eleven attendees.  We were able to make some key decisions, plan some fundamental next steps and have an open discussion about things like meeting format, goals and possible club activities.

I’m a poor note taker with an unreliable memory, but I’ll attempt to summarize the key outcomes from the meeting.

Decisions (things we voted on)

  • Group name:  Johnson County Brewing Society
  • Regular meeting time:  every fourth Thursday at 7:00 PM at Brew Lab

Follow-up Actions

  • Set-up a Facebook group (Tim)
  • Set-up an e-mail address (unassigned)
  • Set-up a website (Brian)
  • Register with AHA (Tim)

Additional notes:

  • A few club name ideas were casually submitted.  Consensus was to name the club for the general location where we plan to meet (Jo Co).  It came down to Jo Co Brewing Society and Jo Co Brewing Club.  The deciding factor for the majority: the humor of having a club name with “B.S.” in it–particularly in a county that is generally perceived by others as being snobbish.
  • When selecting the meeting time, we made an effort to avoid days that we know other area clubs meet in case some members want to participate in multiple communities.
  • Generally speaking, the focus of the club should be on homebrewing (as opposed to general appreciation of craft beer or becoming a “drinking club”).
  • Preference to keep the club relatively unstructured until elements of structure are required (e.g., no club officers and no dues).
  • Outside of the monthly meeting, some people would like to host events at their house, such as tasting night or a club brew day.
  • The club would be interested in supporting the Sep 20 nanobrew festival (name TBD) that Brew Lab is trying to organize–assuming the event is not disallowed by the appropriate authorities.
  • At the July meeting we will brew a collaboration beer.  Discussed possibly brewing a session beer, but final decision is pending.

If I omitted anything important, please post comments.



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