June 2014 Meeting Notes

At an unofficial count of 28 people we had quite a strong turnout last night.  By a show of hands, approximately 2/3 of those in attendance had never been to a homebrew club meeting before.

In addition to sharing homebrew and casual discussion, here is a summary of the meeting:

  • Tim gave an update on accomplishments since the first meeting (Facebook group, website, group e-mail address, AHA registration, logo)
  • Shared the logos that have been professionally designed for the club by Jim Dore
  • Gave everyone an opportunity introduce themselves
  • Kevin provided an update on the High Plains BrewHoff competition that will be hosted in downtown OP on Sep 20.  Brew Lab neighbors and the city of OP have approved the event.  More details are TBA.
  • Discussed ideas and decided on concepts for the club collaboration brew night (details below).
  • Open floor discussion about what participants want out of a club and ideas for  educational opportunities

Collaboration Brew:

  • To be brewed at our next meeting on Jul 24.  We will start the meeting at 6PM (an hour earlier than our normal start time).  If you can’t come until the normal start time, that’s cool too.
  • One brew will be a sessionable English bitter that includes oats, some form of simple sugar and Wyeast 1469.  Tim will propose a recipe.
  • Chris S will propose a recipe for a second brew that may involve Patagonia malt, hibiscus and lactobacillus.
  • The brews will be kegged for serving at the High Plains BrewHoff
  • Brew Lab will provide the ingredients to the club at a discount.  The cost of the brews will be covered by contributions from members

Please post comments if I missed any important points or if anyone wishes to share other thoughts from the meeting.


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