July 2014 Meeting Notes

The July meeting was a special event. We started a little early and ended very late, because we brewed two 10 gallon batches that will be served at the inaugural High Plains BrewHoff.  Check out our Facebook group page for details, including photos.

Attendance details:

  • 33 total
  • 13 new

We added a couple new procedures in order to improve overall coordination of the meeting as we quickly grow.  Thanks to Brian Hann and Aaron Hill for helping with these tasks.

  • We added a sign-in sheet, name tags and a greeter.
  • We also tried a new tasting procedure that included coordinated pours and an enhanced opportunity for brewers to talk about their beer and seek feedback from the group.

We discussed some logistics in preparation for the BrewHoff.

  • The club will have a dedicated booth
  • Ken Schmidt and Jenna Munoz kindly volunteered to co-coordinate planning and execution of the event for the club.
  • In addition to Ken and Tim, we received five volunteers to help with set-up, serving, maintenance and tear down of our booth.
  • Jim and J.D. will look into options for a banner and club t-shirts that will bear the club logo

As usual, please add comments below or send an e-mail to the club address if I missed anything.


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