Sep 2014 Meeting Notes

It was great to be back after missing the August meeting due to work. As planned, it was a low key meeting with about 10 minutes taken for club business and the rest of the time dedicated to a facilitated tasting session.

Attendance:  25
First time: 7

The Business:

  • Discussed organizing a carpool to the Oct 18 AHA Rally at the Free State production brewery in Lawrence.  Send an e-mail to the club e-mail address if interested.  Designated drivers would be especially appreciated.
  • The Oct 23 meeting will feature a demo/discussion of keg cleaning.
  • Nov and Dec meetings will be cancelled due to the holidays.
  • On Fri, Dec 5 Ken Schmidt will host a holiday event (Kegger at Ken’s) at his home in Olathe.  It will be a potluck.  Spouses/significant others welcome.  Additional details are TBA.
  • The previously assembled “planning team” has been meeting and will continue to meet through end of the year with the primary focus on organizing club events and establishing an appropriate structure for the club (bylaws, membership policy, etc.).  The plan is to present the output of these meetings in the Jan 22, 2015 club meeting.

Mike McVey facilitated the tasting session, which I thought went really well.  The group evaluated the “Roundabout” BrewHoff beers that developed off-flavors.  As a reference, we used the BJCP Fault List that Mike brought to hand out.  Astringent, medicinal and band-aid (plastic) were a couple faults that stood out.  The working theory is:

  • Something went wrong in the water treatment, which affected both beers.  Possible pH and chlorine/chloramine issues.
  • An infection was established in the 1469 carboy, because of an insufficient pitch of healthy yeast the morning after brewing.  Yeast viability in the Wyeast pack was low and a starter was not prepared.

As usual, I invite participants to add comments.

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