Oct 2014 Meeting Notes

We had 15 in attendance at the meeting and one guest.


  • Tim S and Tim R will be manning a booth for the club at the Rot & Run Festival on Saturday.  Asked for additional volunteers.
  • Rather than participating in Learn to Homebrew day on Nov 1, we’re going to do a “Learn to Homebrew Weekend.”  Tim S and Jenna are going to host brew sessions at their homes on Nov 8 and 9 respectively.  Details TBA by e-mail.
  • In lieu of Nov and Dec meetings, Ken will be hosting a holiday party on Dec 5 at 7:00 PM.  It will be a potluck.  Invitations will be distributed by e-mail for club participants and a guest.

Tim R provided a brief update on the club planning meetings:

  • Progress is being made on defining details that will be required for writing bylaws (membership, officers, various procedures, etc.)
  • Planning to continue meeting through the rest of the year
  • In advance of the January meeting, bylaws will be drafted and posted for overall club review/comment.  The plan is to put the bylaws to a vote in the January meeting.

The main event was a demonstration by Chris Stenger on jumping a beer between kegs and cleaning kegs.  We had a good discussion about cleaning practices and a bit of a debate about the StarSan versus Iodophor.

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