November Update

Since we are not meeting in Nov due to Thanksgiving, here is a club update.

  • On Oct 25, Tim S and Tim R manned a booth for the club at the Rot & Ruin festival in Liberty.  We took five kegs, including the club collaboration Hibiscus Grisette.  The pic above is from this event.
  • On Nov 8, Tim S hosted a brew session.  I did not count heads, but I believe there were eight people in attendance.  We need to do these a few times per year.  What a great opportunity for new brewers to see a brewing process in action and to ask detailed questions.  Also a great opportunity for experienced brewers to see the process and equipment used by others in the community.
  • Holiday party invitations have been sent to everyone who attended one of the club’s six 2014 meetings.  If you did not receive an invitation, please check your spam filter.  The invitation was sent via evite on Nov 12.
  • On Nov 14, the planning committee met to continue working on a plan to create an appropriate formal structure for the club.  The committee will meet again in December and January with the goal of producing draft bylaws that will be provided to the overall club for for review/discussion in our January meeting.

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