Parallel Brew Exbeeriment

You’re planning to brew an Irish Red and/or a Dry Stout for St. Patrick’s Day, right?  Have you ever wondered how your homebrewing prowess compares to other local homebrewers?  Are you curious about how process, equipment and other non-recipe related factors affect a finished beer?  We’d like to help you with these things.  Here’s the idea:

  1. Everyone brews the exact same recipe at home using his/her standard process (please resist the urge to tweak).
  2. Brewers bring a six pack of samples in unlabeled 12 oz bottles to the club meeting on Mar 26.
  3. At that meeting, everyone participates in a blind tasting to identify differences and vote for their favorite beers.
  4. After the votes are cast and the blind is broken, discuss the variables that contributed to differences in the beers.

We are using tried and true recipes from Brewing Classic Styles (sorry, can’t post them, because of copyright law).  Our friends at Brew Lab are providing a discount for the ingredients.  Ingredient prices (extract, grain, hops and yeast) are as follows, plus tax.

  • Irish Red (all-grain):  $31.86
  • Irish Red (extract):  $45.66
  • Dry Stout (all-grain):  $29.84
  • Dry Stout (extract):  $46.67

Use this link to sign up for the kit(s) you will brew for the experiment. 

The guys at Brew Lab have the recipes and can help you get everything you need.

Note: Brew Lab has all of the ingredients in stock, except Wyeast Irish Ale yeast, which is expected to be replenished during the week of Jan 26.

Send questions to

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