Jan 2015 Meeting Notes

We had a great turnout at the Jan 22 meeting.  A total of 29 people were in attendance with nine attending for the first time.

The meeting was rather unusual, because we focused on club strategy and upcoming events.  Here is an overview of the key items discussed:

  • The “planning team” has been working since September on defining an operational model for the club while also planning club activities.
  • With support from Mike McVey, we are in the process of incorporating in KS as a non-profit.  Mike provided an overview of the rationale and process for this.
  • We recognized the contributions of Jenna Munoz, Aaron Hill, Brian Hann, Howie Johnson, Steve Gish, Ken Schmidt and Tim Squires on the planning committee.  We recognized the professional contribution that Mike has provided in assisting with the legal aspects of the process.
  • We discussed the draft bylaws and symbolically adopted them by general consent.
  • We discussed the five board positions and the elections process as defined in the bylaws.  Election to be held in the February meeting.  The deadline for nominations is February 5.
  • We received three nominations that were accepted:
    • Secretary: Steve Gish
    • Treasurer:  Tim Squires
    • President: Tim Ryan
  • We received two nominations that have not been accepted:
    • VP:  Brian Hann (declined)
    • VP or Activities Director:  Ken Schmidt
  • Discussed upcoming special activities:
    • The Irish “Parallel Brew Exbeeriment” was discussed.
    • Mike issued an invitation to participate in the KCBM “Hot Summer Nights” competition and described the opportunities.
    • Tim Squires provided an overview of beerfests the club may consider participating in this year, including the Parkville Microbrew Fest on Apr 25.  We need volunteers to bring and serve beer at the club booth.

To volunteer for Parkville or to submit a nomination for the board, send an e-mail to jocobrewingsociety@gmail.com

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