Feb/Mar 2015 Update


At the Feb 26 meeting, the club elected the board. Mike McVey presented information on growing hops.  Michael Crane visited and shared samples.  Total signed-in attendance was 26 with 4 first time guests.

The elected board met on Mar 6 to elect the officers and adopt the bylaws.  Per the bylaws, the board and officers are the same people.

  • President: Tim Ryan
  • Vice President: Kevin Thuringer
  • Secretary: Steve Gish
  • Treasurer: Tim Squires
  • Activities Director:  Jenna Munoz

The board also accepted Ken Schmidt’s offer to serve unofficially as the assistant Activities Director.


At the March meeting:

  • Tim R provided an update on the membership process and dues.  Annual dues were set by the board at $32, but payment is not due until April.  Based on the quarterly dues structure, this means dues are $24 for the remainder of the year.  Check out the Membership page for more info.
  • Kevin gave an update on club participation in the Parkville Microbrew Fest and Hopfest.  We have reached the needed number of volunteers for both events.
  • Tim R gave an update on upcoming meetings.
    • The April meeting will feature a “DIY show-and-tell.”
    • The main feature at the May meeting is still being confirmed.
    • The June meeting will feature a session IPA tasting similar to the Irish Ale tasting at the March meeting, however brewers will devise their own recipes for June.
  • The main feature was the Irish Ale Exbeeriment tasting, which included nine Irish Red ales and five Dry Stouts brewed by members.  The samples were blinded for everyone but the brewer.  The group gave sensory feedback for each sample, and then voted on the favorite in each category.  The brewers then provided an overview of their brewing process and took questions from the group.  Kevin Thuringer won the best Irish Ale with 6 votes.  Ken Schmidt won best Dry Stout with 14 votes.  View pics on Facebook.
  • Total signed-in attendance was 28 people with four first time guests.

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