Session IPA People’s Choice Event

Our June 25 meeting will be a People’s Choice event focused on Session IPA.  Up to 12 people will brew a session IPA and bring it to the meeting where:

  1. We will do a blinded group tasting of each beer, and we will discuss characteristics observed by participants.
  2. The group will vote to identify the “people’s choice” favorite beer.
  3. All brewers will have an opportunity to talk about how they made their beer.

Instructions for Brewers:

  • Sign up using this link:
  • Use whatever recipe you want, but please do not exceed 4.6% ABV.
  • Bring six unlabeled 12 oz. bottles in commercial six pack carriers to the meeting.
  • Be prepared to talk about your recipe, brewing procedure and actual beer specs.

Currently the people’s choice award is the satisfaction of your beer being voted as the group favorite.  The board will also discuss a more formal way of recognizing the winner.

Preference for events like this is given to paid members.

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