Mar 2016 People’s Choice Competition: Saison

Our first People’s Choice event of 2016 will occur at our Mar 24 meeting.  The style will be Saison.

To participate:

  1. Sign-up to claim one of the limited number of spots.
  2. Brew a Saison in adherence to Category 25B from 2015 BJCP Style Guidelines
  3. Bring six unlabeled 12 ounce bottles or three unlabeled 22 ounce bottles for judging.

Sign-up is limited to members, however guests are welcome to judge and bring homebrew to share before and after the meeting.

After all entries have been sampled, attendees will vote for their favorite.  The brewer who receives the most votes will be enshrined on our People’s Choice Winners page and will receive a prize donated by our sponsors.

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