Mar 2016 People’s Choice Competition: Saison

Our first People’s Choice event of 2016 will occur at our Mar 24 meeting.  The style will be Saison.

To participate:

  1. Sign-up to claim one of the limited number of spots.
  2. Brew a Saison in adherence to Category 25B from 2015 BJCP Style Guidelines
  3. Bring six unlabeled 12 ounce bottles or three unlabeled 22 ounce bottles for judging.

Sign-up is limited to members, however guests are welcome to judge and bring homebrew to share before and after the meeting.

After all entries have been sampled, attendees will vote for their favorite.  The brewer who receives the most votes will be enshrined on our People’s Choice Winners page and will receive a prize donated by our sponsors.

October People’s Choice Event

Our October meeting will double as our Annual Meeting (i.e., elections for the 2016 board) and our Porter People’s Choice competition. We hold these events periodically as a fun, engaging way to share our homebrew with the group, get feedback and learn from each other. Some people also seem to like bragging rights. See the list of prior winners here.

There are still a couple months left until the meeting.  If you are interested, sign up here.  Signup is open to members only, however we welcome all guests judge and to bring homebrew to share before and after the competition..

The rules are simple:

  1. Sign up
  2. Brew a porter (you can get creative with ingredients, but please brew a porter for the base style).
  3. Bring six unlabeled 12 ounce bottles to the meeting.

Email with any questions.

Summer 2015 Update

Here is a summery of key activities from April through July.

General Updates:

  • We have averaged 30 attendees at our monthly meetings year-to-date.
  • We started formal membership sign-ups in April.  As of the publishing of this blog entry, we have 37 paid members.
  • Members have won 4 medals at BJCP sanctioned competitions.  See the Competitions page for details.
  • Initiated a Twitter account in May
  • 34 members ordered club work shirts, which were delivered at the June meeting.

Monthly Meetings

  • Apr 23:  26 attendees.  1 first time Guest.  Several members brought items to present and Kevin Combs walked through the electric brewing equipment used by Brew Lab.
  • May 28:  36 attendees.  7 first time guests.  The theme was cider night.  Bryce from Cinder Block was scheduled to talk to us about making cider, but cancelled just before the meeting.  John talked about how he made the cider he brought.  We also sampled several ciders brought by members.
  • Jun 25:  35 attendees.  6 first time guests.  We sampled 10 session IPAs brewed by members and voted for our favorite.  Visit the People’s Choice page to read about the results.
  • July 23:  30 attendees.  4 first time guests.  JQ from Royal Hops brought samples of fresh hops to share with us and answered many questions from members about growing hops.

Special Events

  • Apr 25:  Several members poured 9 beers at the Parkville Microbrew Fest along with other KC and regional clubs.  Check out this video slideshow created by our Secretary, Steve Gish.
  • May 16:  Jim Dore, Rance McClain, Nick Roudebush and Tim Squires poured their homebrew at Hopfest.
  • May 30:  President Tim Ryan represented the club at The Lone Elm Taproom Homebrewing event (conducted by our friends at Brew Lab) and distributed business cards.
  • Jun 17:  Vice President Kevin Thuiringer represented the club at The Lone Elm Taproom Homebrewing event (conducted by our friends at Brew Lab) and distributed business cards.
  • Jun 27:  Several club members poured at their own booth at the Nanobrew Festival.  Kevin Thuringer and Tim Ryan manned a club booth while sharing a tent with members Tim Squires and Nick Vargo who were manning the Sunflower Prairie booth.
  • July 11:  Jeremy Rott hosted a brew day at his house in Olathe.